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Meyer’s Midnight Sun comeback

Like many of us, I grew up worshipping the Twilight books and films. I read and watched them over and over. I would make a countdown of the days until the next instalment came out in the cinema. My love of reading began from that silly story about a clumsy girl and a boring diamond boy. I remember reading the leaked extract of Midnight Sun ten years ago on Stephanie Meyer’s website and being devastated that she was not planning to finish it – and then I forgot about it, and I carried on with my life. But now, in the most confusing and crisis-filled time of my life, the Twilight series seems just what I need.

We know that Midnight Sun is the retelling of the first book of the series from Edward’s perspective. We’ve seen the cover (I don’t like it), and we know it’s coming 4 August this year. In 2015, Meyer released an anniversary edition of Twilight with the genders swapped. Edward became Edythe and Bella became Beau. It was an awful, obvious cash cow. However, I’ve got big hopes for this new release, after all, Meyer has supposedly been working on it for 13 years. What I’d really like is a retelling of New Moon, the second book in the series, where Edward is absent for over half of the novel. That would seem a much more interesting set of events, but I’ll take what I’m given, and I’m happy to be given it. I’m sure R-Patz is quaking in his boots. So perhaps now it’s time for me to start a new countdown for 4 August. My friends know I rewatch the films regularly to this day, sort of like a comfort blanket or a reminder of my teenage years, when it seemed completely plausible to fall in love with a sparkly supernatural being or a wolf. I’ve clicked the pre-order button, and I expect millions of others will, even if it’s just for a short-term serotonin boost. Twilight is not without its faults, and it’s by no means perfect, but it makes me feel happy, and that’s what’s important – especially during a global pandemic.

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