Mick Rock – “The Man Who Shot The Seventies”

The 1970’s was a decade fuelled by cultural change, economic struggle and technological changes, the late music photographer Mick Rock captured it all on his lens in the form of jaw dropping, iconic photographs. 

The sad news of his recent death has caused a viral resurgence of his best work on the internet. Snapping pictures of rock acts such as Queen, Motley Crue, Blondie, and Roxy Music, Rock soon became an A list musician’s top contact for album pictures. Self-made and inexperienced, Mick Rock was a prime example of how hard work and networking can reap illustrious results. 

Rock soon coined the name, “The Man Who Shot The Seventies”, showing his talented skills through evocative shots of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. Shortly after, Rock became Bowie’s official photographer. Spending time on the road with his clients, Rock captured candid pictures of rockstars both on stage and off, going about their daily routine. An artistic lens showing aspects of musicians never revealed to the public previously. 

In his later years, Rock produced several retrospective collections of the Glam Rock era and even continued to work with today’s popular musicians. In 2020, he worked with Miley Cyrus to create the hot pink, glam rock inspired Plastic Hearts album cover, a modernised rock album with guest vocals from Billy Idol and Stevie Nicks. 

Although he has now sadly passed, Mick Rock’s legacy will be survived through his beautifully timeless collection of iconic photography.

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