Midnight Tango – review

Norwich’s Theatre Royal was transformed into a scene from Argentina for the evening as Midnight Tango opened on Monday 18 March to a packed house.

Flavia Cacace in MIDNIGHT TANGO credit Manuel Harlan(1)Photo: Manuel Harlan

Starring Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone from the BBC series Strictly Come Dancing and co-produced by the programme’s former judge Arlene Phillips, Midnight Tango has been hugely popular since its first tour in 2011.

With musical accompaniment, provided by tango company Tango Siempre, and with vocals by Miguel Angel, Midnight Tango tells a simple story of two men vying for one woman’s affections all through the medium of the Argentine tango with very little dialogue.

Cacace plays the woman in question, called Sofia, in the Argentine restaurant, with both Simone and Leonel Di Cocco the two men chasing her as the characters of Pablo and Ricardo.

That this story of the struggle between two men for one woman is told exclusively through the tango is a great tribute to the choreography of Simone and Cacace, who along with their other cast members, showcase a wide variety of exciting moves to the delight of the audience.

Meanwhile, an interesting sub-plot evolves before our eyes, with Anthony Renshaw and Tricia Deighton playing an older married couple who own the restaurant, but having problems in their marriage, spend much of the first half trying to undermine and upset each other.

However, they too are united by the medium of dance to the delight of the audience, although that is by no means the end of the plot, as Simone and Di Cocco are still in the midst of their ongoing feud.

Overall, Midnight Tango is a superb showcase for the dancing talents of its cast, including the undoubted stars of the show Simone and Cacace, whose every entry on stage is greeted by loud cheers and applause from the audience.

Meanwhile, the musicians take on characters of their own, especially drummer Andrew Tween, who at one stage is seen atop the restaurant’s bar beating on empty bottles, giving the whole show a sense of fun and humour that is apparent throughout.

Midnight Tango is a fun and enjoyable night for all the family, especially fans of television series Strictly Come Dancing, with the intricate dance moves and variations on the Argentine tango making for a fascinating evening of dance and entertainment.


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