Misfits returns

When it came to the new Misfits, I was a bit of an eager beaver. I’ve watched and loved the juicy storylines and quirky characters from the start and then it was innovative, fresh and tantalising. What is this? Young offenders with super powers? How new and exciting! What I did wonder is how far exactly they could go with it, surely there’s a limit to how many rebellious teenagers with superpowers there are and the chance of them just happening to all be on community service.

In the first series it made sense, all the characters experiencing the storm in the same place at the same time was completely legit, obviously. Now, only one original character remains and still everyone has a bloody superpower. Where are the paparazzi? The scientists? The talk show hosts?
The first episode kicks off with a chase for a case before backtracking five hours to explain the events. It immediately introduces us to the two new characters without having much chance to get to know them, Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen) are new on the scene. For me, from the first episode it’s difficult to find what’s so special about these characters: Jess is just the re-incarnated form of Alisha whereas it seems as though there is something a little more peculiar about Finn. But all will be revealed I suppose.

So far there’s been running, questions and a hacksaw … I’m not going to pretend I’m a little disappointed that Curtis is the only remaining original, but I had super low expectations of the second series after Robert Sheehan’s (Killing Bono, Me and Mrs Jones) character suddenly left the programme to much dismay and yet, here I am, still addicted to Misfits. All I can say is: stay tuned.