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Misheard Lyrics

Powerful and memorable in the best of times, often painfully misheard in the worst of times. Here are some hilarious and rare cock ups I’ve compiled, so you’ll no longer be the laughing stock of your karaoke club.

Eric Carmen’s ‘All By Myself’:

“Don’t want to be Obama’s elf ”

Obvious from the title, some amateur singers still miss the mark by following their intuition. Hence proclaiming that they ‘don’t want to be Obama’s elf’.

Even Bridget Jones is disappointed in you.

Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bug a Boo’:

“Break my knees so I can move”

Now this is quite personal to me. I always thought because this song was about a clingy boyfriend, he would ‘break my knees so I can’t move’.

The Spice Girls’ ‘2 Become 1’

“I wanna make love to your baby”

Now this one, I cannot blame you. But wanting to ‘make love to your baby’? I shudder the thought.

The Monkees’ I’m a Believer

“I’m gonna leave her.”

The last thing someone would think in this uplifting ditty about believing in love again is ‘I’m gonna leave her’. Or even ‘I’m a Belieber’.

ABBA’s Chiquitita

Take your teeth out tell me what’s wrong’’

This could be taken as a dentist appointment as some people would interpret the chorus as ‘Take your teeth out tell me what’s wrong’.

Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit

‘Here we are now, in containers’

Known for its ambiguous lyrics causing major uncertainty, it’s no surprise that people sometimes believe that it’s ‘here we are now, in containers’. Literature students, please tell us

what’s going on.

Rihanna: Stay (2013)

I won’t chew the steak”

Imagine Rihanna is hosting a tantrum based protest against meat consumption. It’s tagline? ‘I won’t chew the steak’. I’ll never hear this song the same way again.

Well, there you have it. With this piece of musical wisdom, may you go forth and prosper in the realms of karaoke!


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