Fans of genius comedy rejoice because ABC’s Modern Family is back for another spectacular season.

Those who missed out on the first three seasons can tune in for an episode of the Emmy award winning comedy at any stage, without fear of missing out on plot lines. Essentially, Modern Family follows three homes from one family.

Whether it is the Dunphy household with highly entertaining father Phil – a man who thinks he is a cool dad for knowing all the words to High School Musical songs and is much like his son Luke. Daughter Alex is the genius of the family, while mum Claire is the Dunphy voice of reason, yet is constantly worried that her eldest daughter Hayley, is going to be just as wild as she was in her teen years.

The Tucker-Pritchett household is home to Claire’s brother, Mitchell, an uptight lawyer whose partner, Cameron, is carefree enough for the both of them despite being a stay at home father for their daughter Lilly.

The third household belongs to Claire and Mitchell’s father, Jay, and his wife Gloria, a beautiful Columbian woman whom Jay married after the death of his first wife. Jay has adjusting to do when dealing with being married to such a passionate woman, and meanwhile, her son Manny, manages to be more mature than the pair of them, despite only being 13.

It may seem complicated but even if the family tree is hard to follow on paper, you pick it up in no time – and the new episode Bringing Up Baby is Modern Family at its best: funny and smart, yet touchingly emotional.

Find Modern Family on Sky One, Fridays at 8pm.