Remember, remember, the spirit of Movember

It’s that time of year again folks. No, not Christmas – stop getting ahead of yourselves – but Movember, that hallowed month when thousands of faces become adorned with all manner of moustache (and thousands more become afflicted with second hand stubble-rash). Just like Christmas, though, Movember is one of those occasions we sometimes need reminding the true meaning of.


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It’s easy to forget that Movember originated with a group of friends in an Adelaide pub who grew moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer awareness. The idea has since ballooned, becoming an annual tradition for men across the globe and raising hundreds of millions of pounds in the process. However, its popularity means that many men now taking part aren’t actually aware of its purpose as a fundraising initiative.

It probably doesn’t help that the humble ’tache has become so fashionable of late; from socks and cushions to Gok Wan’s index finger, they’re everywhere. Even if they haven’t quite hit the annoying, plastered-on-everything ubiquity of that ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ craze, there’s no denying that moustaches are more fashion accessory than fundraiser nowadays. Perhaps they are simply too commonplace to seem worthy of our spare change anymore?

Of course we’ve endured far worse fashion trends over the years, but to quote Miracle on 34th Street, it seems the meaning of Movember truly has become “lost in the shuffle” (well, they were talking about Christmas, but same difference). It would be a shame if focusing on the moustache’s cool factor made us overlook its potential to raise money for worthwhile causes, and it’s important to remember that Movember can be more than an excuse to look retro or show off your superior testosterone. And anyway, if you’re gonna put your follicles to the test in this way, why not guilt some cash out of your nearest and dearest while you’re at it?

So, whether you opt for the handlebar, the Poirot, or even the lesser-spotted Fu Manchu, to all the guys (and possibly girls) out there currently pruning their facial foliage for the sake of men’s health, we salute you.


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February 2021
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