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Music Highlights of the Year: Two Year Vacation

One of the best bands to originate from Sweden since ABBA, Two Year Vacation has mastered the art of producing hit after hit, essentially becoming the Swedish version of The 1975. They produce tracks to rival the feel-good vibes of Surfaces’ ‘Sunday Best’, perfectly managing to balance their upbeat tunes with the chilled feel of, as suggested by their band name, a two year vacation. 

Tracking how their style has developed from their first single ‘Canned Heat’, released in 2014, which presents a comparatively mellow approach to their song-writing, Two Year Vacation released ‘Love 2448’ in 2016 which carries traces of the more pop-focussed sound found in their debut album ‘Slacker Island’. This 2019 album is packed full of amazing songs that embody the tropical feel of the group, my particular favourites being ‘The Way I Was Before’ and ‘I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)’, both catchy songs to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down.

However, my particular highlight from this year has been their single ‘Don’t Know Anybody Else’, released on 20 March; it continues the theme of many of their previous songs, writing about “right person, wrong time” relationships. The music video gives a sense of how much fun the band have whilst composing, which certainly translates to the songs themselves. The reason that this song is particularly important to me is that I find it to be an instant mood-booster, a useful thing to have amongst the troubling times that we currently find ourselves living in. 

The band’s message to fans amidst the pandemic is to“stay safe, stay positive and stay at home so we can come over [to the UK] as soon as possible. We hope we can brighten up your day just a little bit by continuing to release silly pop songs”. Two Year Vacation continues to write music; they released ‘Never Been To Paris’ on 8 May and their upcoming EP ‘Bedroom Rock’ is due June 12. 

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