Music poll:

Is chart music in decline? 

No – 8

Yes- 2

Is it still relevant? 

Yes – 

Leia Butler

The music charts are such an important part of the music industry. It is how artists can measure success against each other, determined by who sells the most, and in turns tells listeners which music is most popular. Ultimately, money and sales are a big part of music in terms of the career element, and for most artists, topping the charts is a dream. As a listener, I do tend to gravitate towards those who are at the top of the charts because I am always intrigued on why it is so popular and I tend to go from there to judge whether I like it or not.

No –

Ellie Robson

From a student perspective, the only relevance that chart music has is the impact that it might have on the tracks that your favourite nightclub plays on a Friday night (I’m looking at you, Waterfront). Other than the songs that break through to the dancefloor, I couldn’t have told you what was in the charts at any point during my degree. Students rarely listen to radio, and the music that is recommended to me by friends is likely to come from an obscure or indie Spotify artist who is unlikely to break into the Top 40. 


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Leia Butler and Ellie Robson

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January 2022
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