Music students feel abandoned

A report in the UEA Student Experience survey has shown a staggering drop in satisfaction among students in the School of Music.

Music students feel abandoned

Following the closure of the department, student satisfaction has fallen from 88% to just 46% with almost all scores falling by at least 25%. Although it is suggested that some may be using the survey as an outlet to protest against the closure, the dramatic change of statistics can also be explained by many students’ feelings of abandonment by the university.

There was a strong campaign against the decision with a 10,000 strong signature petition and vocal protests. Although the vice-chancellor agreed to ensure the standard of teaching would remain to its highest standard, all the senior lecturers have subsequently made the decision to leave UEA. This prompted many students to leave the university altogether, fearing that the level of teaching would not be kept up to scratch.

The report quotes a student as saying “since the school closure has been announced, the standard of teaching has fallen through the floor.” The document concludes by stating that the union’s recommendation is “that the university ensures that student representation in the School of Music is a priority and runs as efficiently as possible to ensure that any issues are dealt with rapidly and effectively.”


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