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My Favourite Woman Video Game Characters

Growing up, the big bruiser archetypes in video game characters never entirely appealed to me. Monsters and villains like Bowser, Ganondorf and Ridley were meh, even protagonists like Mario weren’t the most interesting characters. The woman characters were always who I wanted to play as, especially the more unique and sinister ones. Choosing the woman protagonist in my thousandth playthrough of a Pokémon game or new characters in my favourite MMORPGs was just something I preferred, and the ever-evolving scene of video games, with more and more independent games being available and increased popularity in girls playing video games, keeps me and others like me interested in the latest games. Here are some of my favourites I have come across over the years.

            Aloy – Horizon: Zero Dawn. An unsuspecting hit when first released in 2017, Horizon: Zero Dawn’s open world setting and extremely unique concept and aesthetics is all encapsulated in its protagonist Aloy. Found in the sacred mountain one day and exiled from the Nora tribe, one of several in the post-apocalyptic frozen land of nature reclaiming cities and machine monsters roaming the land, Aloy is raised as a hunter so she can find out who her parents were and what the happened to the world, setting off across the land to find answers and truths. Her fiery attitude combines perfectly with the primitive Norse contributions to the world’s religions, outfits, and stylings, making the world even better than could be imagined once you set off into the story.

Camille – League of Legends. Not as popular as some other woman characters in the game like Lux or Ahri, mainly due to the lack of her typical sex appeal, Camille trades in bare cleavage and slender legs for a razor-sharp attitude, and bladed legs to match. Having completely augmented her body with Hextech, the most advanced technology in the League of Legends universe, Camille acts as a mercenary as well as a peacemaker, crushing those who threaten her house and status in the upper city of Piltover, gliding between building with the zip hooks built into her prosthetic hips and slashing through the necks with precise roundhouse kicks to whoever disturbs the peace, mainly from the toxic undercity of Zaun. By no means a hero, her completely corrupt moral compass and incredibly unique design, being one of the older characters in the game with her more mature face and grey hair, despite no longer aging due to her augmentations, makes her one of my favourites because she goes completely against the archetype, fully embodying her moniker as the steel shadow.

            The Plague – Dead by Daylight. One of the more tragic killers in this horror survival game, The Plague, known as Adiris in her previous life, was a Babylonian high priestess who sacrificed herself to the Entity, a supernatural spider-like demon, in order to save her people from the plague that was ravaging the population. For such as trade-off, The Plague now participated in killing games in the Entity’s realm, using her censer as a weapon to brutally bludgeon those she infects, having been made the harbinger of the same plague that ravaged her people, to create the fear from the survivors taken from Earth to feed the Entity. Her unique playstyle and the grotesqueness of vomiting on other characters to slowly kill them is inventive and unique, especially in a game where it’s a lot of killer with blades or sticks to beat you with. with her imposing stature and rotting face and clothes adding to her unnatural fear factor.

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