We need to save the bees

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard your harem-trouser clad, patchouli-oil smelling mates muttering.

Or maybe you have the odd PETA-loving vegan on Facebook. I sadly am not either of these horrific stereotypes, but I do think that you should hear them out when they tell you to save the bees. Those buzzy little guys scare a lot of people, they have a sting after all, and we’ve all seen videos of Labrador puppies with puffy bee-stung cheeks. So we stay away from bees, even squish them when we can.

Here’s my plea. Don’t squish that bee on your windowsill. He’s mighty important to the world. Bees pollinate 80% of the world’s flowering plants, including 70% of our crops. In a world where food is more in demand than ever, we need our buzzy friends to save us from ourselves. A single bee colony can pollinate 300 million plants a day. They are a busy lot, they really don’t care enough about you to sting you.

I’ve only given you a poxy amount of reasons to save the little fuzzy dudes, but I implore you to re-hydrate resting bees on the pavement with a little sugar and water on a teaspoon. Plant some lavender and thyme to help them out a bit, buy organic to avoid toxic pesticides.

And for goodness sakes, when you see a bee, give it some street cred and a wide berth. Let it do its thing. It’s one of the things standing between you and starvation.


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August 2022
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