UEA Netball 1s dominated their latest BUCS match against Warwick 2s with an 85-17 win, ending their season completely unbeaten. The team excelled throughout the match, held at the Sportspark, and triumph was never in doubt for the home side.

Whye Tchien Khor Netball 2

The final game for the 1s began with their own centre pass and, as the ball was passed to the capable hands of shooters Becky Killett and Asha Williams, immediately led to a goal. UEA marked Warwick’s defence well, leading to penalties for the away side. An exceptional intercept came from centre Sally Grice minutes into the match, turning around the Warwick centre pass for the UEA advantage.

Some fabulous netball was played both inside and around the circle with Grice, wing attack Sophie Parker and both the shooters moving into almost rehearsed positions to pass the ball into space to get the all important goal. Killett and Williams held space particularly well and rarely missed a shot. Williams utilised the usually lesser used bounce pass extremely well, allowing Killett to obtain the ball whilst being defended.

UEA proved themselves once again as a great team as the girls clearly thought thoroughly about their movements on the court. Warwick were messy at times and UEA capitalised on this aspect of play. UEA were on fire throughout the match and ended the first quarter leading 26-5.

Warwick stood little chance going into the second quarter with the UEA defence of Natasha King, Rachel Dean and Charlotte Moorhouse excelling in pressurising the away team and allowing them no opportunity to pass the ball into the circle. Parker was also fantastic, constantly moving around the court to find space and always in the position she needed to be in for the ball.

Hannah Matthews and Hayley Lewis changed on for two of the quarters, playing wing attack and goal shooter respectively. The girls brought a new energy to the match which aided UEA in scoring more quickly. UEA occasionally passed too fast though, losing control of the ball, but they still managed to outperform Warwick who, despite passing the ball often, didn’t seem to get anywhere once they had it.

UEA led into the third quarter 42-9. Warwick surprisingly seemed to up their game but UEA soon took that away from them and turned over the ball to achieve their own goals. On UEA centre passes it took mere seconds for the home side to score and in around a minute UEA had four more under their belts.

By the fourth quarter UEA had relaxed a little more and cleaned up any previous mistakes, ensuring their triumph of 85-17. Warwick were gracious in defeat and congratulated UEA on their astounding win with Williams and Grice being named oppositions players. The 1s take on Cambridge 1s away on Wednesday 12th March in the Conference Cup semi-final, where they will be looking to make it through to the final stage.

Meanwhile, the UEA 2s took on Nottingham Trent 4s in the Sportspark, with a stunning win of 57-24. The 2s take on Northampton 1s in the Sportspark for their next match, also on the 12th.