Both the Netball 1s and 2s took on the Essex 1s and 2s respectively in Essex this Derby Day. UEA spectators filled the grassed area around the outside courts to cheer on the girls and help them towards their wins.

Whye Tchien Khor Netball 2

The 1s game began with the UEA centre pass and this soon lead to a goal with the ball in the capable hands of goal attack Alex Makin. Essex were particularly aggressive, consistently barging the girls but the umpires failed to penalise them for this. Centre Sally Grice was on fire with some particularly good intercepts. The Essex attack were particularly scrappy and the defence of Charlotte Moorhouse, Rachel Dean and Hannah Matthews capitalised on this by turning around the ball for the UEA advantage.

UEA pressurised Essex particularly well. There were some great passes from Moorhouse and both her and Dean grabbed the rebound incredibly well. By the end of the first quarter UEA lead 9-1.

By the second quarter Essex attempted to step up their game but they could not make this stick as UEA consistently got the ball back towards Makin and shooter Hayley Lewis. Matthews had some particularly good intercepts of Essex balls and Asha Williams as wing attack was solid and strong in her performance.

By the third quarter UEA were leading 15-5 and there seemed to be no real way for Essex to make a comeback. The home side continued to be aggressive. UEA had a brief change around with Lewis moving into wing attack and Williams taking the role of shooter. Whenever the ball was in the hands of Williams she rarely missed and enabled UEA to extend the score to 29-8.

The fourth quarter was undoubtedly UEA’s finest as they scored continuous goals and Essex failed to score any. The UEA support was incredible, spurring the girls on and denying any chance of Essex success. The game finished 44-8, an incredible end to the netball season for the team.

On the adjacent court the 2s were also playing hard, leading against Essex for the duration of their match. Essex 2s proved equally aggressive as their other team but shooters Maddie Ewer, Deyonte Abbott-Lewis, Fiona Bull and Helena Bradbury performed well to keep the goals coming. Some star performances came from the rest of the team, consisting of Samy Gibson, Becky Borrows, Alex Harvey, Jess Johnson, Ella Crook, Lucie Downs, Emma Wilcox and Jane Botcherby. The girls performed incredibly well as a team and finished their match with a strong 42-19.

Both the netball teams had great matches and helped UEA on their way to an away victory. With this being their final matches of the season it was great to see both teams win and show just how strong they, and UEA, are.