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BoJack Horseman
There seems to be an extremely divided opinion about adult animation but I have always been a fan, so when my sister suggested I watch BoJack Horseman, I got straight to it and finished the entire series the very same day. It follows a washed up Hollywood actor, who also happens to be a horse. His agent is a cat named Princess Carolyn, and the man his crush is dating is a dog called Mr Peanutbutter. BoJack’s acting career is over so it’s recommended that he write his memoirs. The series follows him and his ghost-writer/crush Diane as they recall his past while also trying to fix his future. His shenanigans include stealing the D from the Hollywood sign to declare his love for her, and having a beautiful ‘friendship’ with Lindsay Lohan. Go find out what makes this show so weird and hilarious.
Abi Constable

House of Cards
The first episode of House of Cards wasn’t particularly gripping, but I was determined to make it through a TV show that didn’t involve teenagers in high school and an anonymous blogger spreading gossip, so I continued watching. There is something about the grittiness and absolute relentlessness of Frank Underwood (the superb Kevin Spacey) that makes you want to continuously come back for more, waiting to see what he’ll do next. No matter what he does or how devious he is, he’s still somehow an extremely lovable character that leaves you wanting more. The beauty of House of Cards is that Netflix releases each series all in one go, meaning I shall be forever grateful to them for bringing me this masterpiece.
Abi Constable

That Mitchell and Webb Look
It’s not difficult for me to lose an afternoon (or a whole weekend) watching and re-watching this classic British sketch show. Robert Webb and David Mitchell consistently have me in fits of laughter (so much so that my chortling is on occasion mistaken for sounds of distress; not the desired aim but hey). From the utterly ridiculous Numberwang, where two seemingly permanent contestants shout out random numbers until Webb declares a Numberwang victor; to the spoof debate show Big Talk; think Question Time where the host is an outrageous idiot who forces his “boffins” into yes or no answers on big questions. Anything involving David Mitchell is a winner for me. Luckily my flatmates also share this obsession and repeated nights can be spent alternating between That Mitchell and Webb Look and Peep Show. Did I mention Olivia Colman is hilarious?
Sam Naylor

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Golden Globe-winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fairly recently arrival to Netflix and a perfect addition to any duvet day. Set in a New York police station, Brooklyn Nine-Nine centres on detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) who manages to be good at his job while also not taking it at all seriously. And sometimes having mice in his desk. Other detectives include Rosa (anger management issues), Santiago (terrible detective), and Boyle (part time cop, full time food blogger). Main perks include the dead guy sex episode and everything Captain Holt does.
Lydia Tewkesbury

The Vampire Diaries
Everyone watches at least one show their friends judge them for. The Vampire Diaries is perfect for a little bit of mindless indulgence. Hot guys murder people but we think they’re still hot anyway, and characters drop like flies and are not-so-surprisingly resurrected. Like most shows of this kind, the central love triangle gets boring by the end of the first season, but fortunately is as entertaining to be annoyed by as invested in. It’s the other characters that keep you watching through season five, because Elena, our protagonist, is the worst. It’s all about Caroline, her best friend, the insecure control freak vampire cheerleader. Main perks include endless drama and Ian Somerhalder’s eyebrows. TVD gets extra credit for having a spinoff, The Originals, also on Neflix, which is brilliant because of physically implausible werewolf/vampire pregnancy and bad British accents.
Lydia Tewkesbury

Hemlock Grove
Twilight on acid. There’s something strangely addictive about this mediocre horror/gore, vampire/werewolf, teen-detective-thriller, laced with matricide, incest and the supernatural. Phew, there’s a lot to grapple with in Hemlock Grove. Based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name, the first few episodes of season one didn’t particularly sink their clichéd teeth into me. You may wonder why this is a show that I gorged on and completed in under a week. It’s the absurdity and attempts to cram each series with the most obscure, shock-inducing imagery. The werewolf transformation scenes particularly stand out as some impressive CGI voodoo. Hemlock Grove is also one of those shows where you love and hate some of the main characters in equal measures. Roman Godfrey can be an overbearing rich kid at times, yet there’s still a small voice vying to be heard at the back of my head that roots for him to succeed.
Sam Naylor


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