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Filth (2013) 

Corruption in the Edinburgh police force, drug abuse, borderline-personality disorder … it could only be another Irvine Welsh film. Starring James McAvoy as the psychopathic Detective Sergeant Bruce, this film is trippy, terrifying and darkly comical. Despite Bruce’s sadistic and megalomaniacal pursuits, you can’t help but sympathise with his broken shell of a character and watch with horror as his life spirals into a violent, psychedelic farce.

– Louis Pigeon-Owen

Fargo (1996) 

For those in need of a Coen brother fix, Fargo is a must watch. In an attempt to regain wealth, a cowardly car salesman employs two men to kidnap his wife. Following the perspective of the lovable detective, Marge, this film is a classic of black comedies.

– Willa Hope

A single man (2009)

Tom Ford’s debut film is a heart-breaking drama focusing on the last day of a gay, middle-aged college professor’s life. Starring Colin Firth in his BAFTA Award-winning role, this dazzling tragedy shows us how every part of your life acquires fresh beauty when your time is running out. Stunningly rich and sensual, this is an unflinching snapshot of a melancholic and beautiful world.

– Louis Pigeon-Owen


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