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New book series “Ideas In Profile” launches David Runciman’s newest title, “Politics”

Opening with vibrant illustrations from the brains of Cognitive Media, David Runicman’s newest title is certainly a treat from the first flick of the page. As part of a new series designed by Profile Books, the concept behind its creation is one aiming to fuse the imaginative profiles of animation with the technicalities of theory, to make for an accessible and surprisingly fun read.

With the printed edition published on the 12th June, Profile Books are offering an alternative (or additional) purchase of the ebook, which is perhaps the most exciting aspect of this original publication. In a true homage to the technological age, the text offers a selection of accompanying videos which are narrated by Runciman himself, with a stunning array of illustrations giving a comprehensive break-down of the words spoken.

The book begins with the controversial Hobbesian theory of human nature, in an exploration of violence (or the threat of violence) as a measure of control within the state. From this, Runciman guides us through the significant history of political theory within an extensive context, allowing us to examine the difficulties of theory on paper versus theory in practice. We are led all the way through to the technological age, and its transformation of our political world. It certainly makes the interactive pages of the ebook very fitting.

Taking from images of our current political climate, Runciman’s text acts as a stepping stone for those wishing to engage actively with the various complexities of the politics of our day, by offering an understanding of the history which moulds the shape of international relations and the political diversity of various nations.

With the use of applied theory and in-depth case studies, alongside significant imaginative tools, this text proves a worthwhile read for those wishing to delve into the world of politics from an alternative perspective.


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