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I think it is quite safe to say that the idea of video games never held much appeal to me, perhaps this was because I was under the impression that, unless you were playing the Wii, you were restricted to one kind of game and that involved guns and violence. With this in mind, I was hesitant when Martha suggested I played a game to help her out with an article. She kindly prepared me with reassuring words and explained that she would set me up on her PlayStation with a game called ‘Flowers’. That didn’t sound too violent… I was informed that I only needed to have control of the joystick and then to use the control in the same manner as a Wii remote when playing ‘Mario Kart’. My confidence increased, I had grown up on ‘Mario Kart’, maybe I could do this! 

Flowers’ had a simple objective, to collect petals from flowers and gently float along, increasing the number of petals in your charge, to my delight I could do this rather well! The game grew more enjoyable as the landscape transformed from dreary and grey into a colourful and natural scene. I played for twenty minutes or so and thoroughly enjoyed my experience, to my surprise the game was calming and gentle, absolutely perfect for me! Thank you Martha for showing me that video games do not always consist of guns and violence!

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