I have pretty much zero gaming experience, other than playing copious amounts of Skyrim one summer whilst I was in sixth form. When chatting to my gamer housemates about what games they had that I could play for this column, we landed on Portal. From what I heard, it’s a classic, pretty well-known, and my housemates described it as a puzzle game that I’d enjoy.

They were right. After waking up in some strange, museum-esque glass cube, the player progresses through various levels of puzzle solving, which eventually comes to include a gun that can shoot portals onto any surface. I played on an Xbox, and the controls were fairly easy to pick up, as only 4 or 5 of the buttons were used.  As the levels continued, I did grow a little tiresome of solving them, partly due to my own frustration when I got stuck. I would definitely return to the game, but play in shorter bursts. My favourite thing, and what kept me most intrigued, was the ominous, robotic voiceover that became increasingly menacing, and far less trustworthy, over the course of my gameplay. I’ve heard that this only becomes more engaging! 

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