Reaching new heights in New Zealand

Hiking, water activities, Queenstown, Maori culture and Auckland. These are advertised as the top five things to do in New Zealand. Although first, you do need to make sure you can gain access into the country.

My initial proverbial hurdle was the check-in staff at Brisbane Airport. In spite of meticulous planning, I had not brought the proof required to show that I would in fact be leaving New Zealand.

They evidently assumed from my striped jumper and “SWAG” emblazoned backpack that I had come to capture all of their kiwis and sheep. Fortunately, my wily British charm eased their qualms and I was graciously accepted into the country.

For this trip you need to save a good amount of money. The list of adrenaline-fuelled activities is huge, but they are expensive. You can go hiking, though, which is free!

Due to these prices my adrenaline came courtesy of bungee-jumping and ice climbing, both extremely worthwhile and exhilarating experiences.

The Nevis Bungee was my first port of call in Queenstown. For this bungee you jump 134 metres out of a suspended cable car into a deep valley overlooking the Nevis River. A truly unforgettable and must do experience.

The ice climbing experience begins with a scenic helicopter flight to the base of the Franz Josef glacier, where you begin. As you hack into the ice, the brilliant sun glimmers against the pristine glacier arching above you, whilst behind you the flowing glacial valley combines with the surrounding rainforest providing an environmental combination only available in three worldly locations.

New Zealand is truly spectacular, in a two hour drive you can pass through snow-capped mountains, thick rainforest, golden beaches and cavernous valleys. In short, you have not seen the world until you have seen New Zealand.


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