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New findings from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter provide evidence that liquid water flows on present-day Mars. Sceintists believe dark striping observed on Mars are due to flowing water. Suggestion of liquid water on the surface of Mars has implications for the possibility of microbial life on the planet.

Research into two-million-year-old human fossils reveals that the hearing pattern resembles that of chimpanzees.

People with positive lifestyles, behaviors have different brain connections to those with negative ones.

Researchers are testing a prosthesis that turns short-term memories into longer-term ones, with the aim of avoiding damaged parts of the brain.

Leading scienctists in the UK’s have made a pitch to have the nation’s research budget raised due to oceanic warming.

Plastic-eating mealworms may help reduce landfill waste.

Scientists have found the first bioluminescent reptile – a turtle.

Researchers have found bacteria in a 20-million-year-old flea which may be the ancestor of Black Death.