The New Naked Cherry Palette

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette has been about for years. Back in high school the only makeup I owned was a mascara, concealer, and the Urban Decay Naked 1. With winter beginning, the current colour palette for any makeup enthusiast is rusty oranges and plum reds.

I recently bought the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette and it has allowed me to create that spooky burgundy vibe I have been trying to craft since I realised Halloween was just around the corner. Pinks and oranges bring out blue eyes, so this palette really makes mine pop.

The only complaint I have is that the metallic shades tend to be quite powdery, so throughout the day the glitter will slowly fall down your face and you might be told you’ve gone a bit over the top with the highlighter!

One of my favourite experiments with make-up is to see where I can interchange the use of each product. For example, I will often use the ‘Half-baked’ shade, on my Naked Palette 1, to brush over dark red lipstick and create a festive gold over-tone. With the Naked Cherry Palette, it is possible to use the ‘Bing’, ‘Bang Bang’, or ‘Juicy’ shades for blush, depending on your skin tone.

However, it is also possible to create similar pink and peach-coloured eyelids without forking out £35.70. Before the Naked Cherry Palette, I would use Rimmel London Natural Bronzer (£5.99) to contour and create some depth to my eyelids. I would then use one of NYX’s many High Definition Blush (£6) shades to provide that pop of red, orange, or pink. And, finally, I would highlight the corners of my eyes and my brow bone with Sleek’s Precious Metals Highlighting Palette (£9.99).           

All of these items I already owned, and so not only did I save money, but I also matched my cheeks to my eyes, which really completed my look.           

Now that I have got the Naked Cherry Palette I am, of course, going to keep using it; and, I have had my Naked 1 Palette for over five years and it is still going strong – Urban Decay products really do last a long time. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to splurge on any more Naked Palettes, because it is more fun to be inventive with my make-up and try to multipurpose it!

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