New year, new you

Forget the diet, forget the exercise and forget finding new love. Instead fill up your life with art, culture and languages with these New Year resolutions.

Start the record: I want to finally release online my music that I’ve been working on for ages. I also want to try writing about music a bit more, and maybe about film and TV too, and get that work published. Jack Powell

Donde está la biblioteca?: Learn Spanish, and help more people transition to not eating meat and read or write for leisure for at least an hour a day. Jack Ashton

Tune in a bit more: My new years resolution is to write every day, even if it’s just a paragraph. I also want to listen to a wider variety of music. I always listen to the same songs over and over and it’s time for a change! Kate Romain

Content tourist: I want to learn Italian,  or at least learn enough to get by in Italy, eat more plant based meals, write one poem a week, and submit for another section in every issue of Concrete or Venue! Saoirse Smith-Hogan

Dress to impress: Write for fun instead of for uni, see at least one new film per week to blog about, and try to dress a little more fashionably instead of just throwing on whatever t-shirt is on the top of my pile. Tom Bedford

Pursue a Louvre of art: Listen to a new album every week, finally go to the Russia exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre and visit the Louvre to see Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, the painting that was on the front of the first proper album I bought (please don’t judge me). Tony Allen


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Tony Allen

June 2021
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