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New year, new you?

With the new year has come a new decade, and it has made me feel incredibly old. It is already my 4thyear here at UEA and I am constantly reminded by my peers that being 21 is practically elderly. However old you may be at university; it is still a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and share new experiences. 

If you haven’t already joined a sports club or society, I would urge you to. It is a great way to find a community and find your place within university. For anyone who is interested, the su are currently running a survey for those who are not a member of a club or society, so please take a look if you can spare the time. Another survey that you should definitely fill out is Concrete’s own Sex Survey! 

It is full of questions about your sexual experiences and relationships at university, but this year we have included a few questions about student relationships with drugs too. So please flip to our ‘Home of the Wonderful’ section on page 14 to be directed to our famous survey, but also have a gander and read about what we have achieved with our Sex Survey previously. The Sex Survey is something that we at Concrete are very proud of. 

Our radio show ‘A Week in Concrete’ is back for another semester! We’ve changed our time slightly and are now on 4.30-6pm every Tuesday so tune in to hear us chat about the paper and the articles we have written, then join us for a pint in the bar afterwards. 


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