I don’t make resolutions. No new year, new me. I went into 2018 just as I did 2017, with a questionable fringe and over inflated ego. This is why I don’t get a misguided gym membership or buy cookery books for the banquet I will never cook. If you don’t make resolutions, you can’t break them. But as I intend to stay the same as I was last year – this issue of Concrete shows that the world disagrees.

So much has happened in the last 16 days; look to Global and take your pick. With our writers’ exploration of Iran, Russia and the US on pages eight and nine, Concrete gives you the, frankly unsettling, low down.

The section is dominated by words like ‘pressure’, ‘threaten’ and ‘manoeuvre’, which makes me want to climb back into my Christmas comfort coma. The state of the world is becoming Black Mirror-esque. Despite my Netflix subscription, I can’t find the resolve to watch it – let alone live in it. However scary, these articles remind us of the volatile and ridiculous world we live in. A world where the President of America can’t sing the national anthem.

As I consider sticking tape over my phone and laptop camera, I click accept on privileges I didn’t read to reinstall Youtube. I uninstalled it in a summative season panic. But it would have been better left that way. Look to page ten where Charlotte Manning questions our new “role models” that reside on the platform in light of the Logan Paul controversy. Is it regulation Youtube needs? Respect? Or, as his subscription count surpasses 16 million, a touch more reality?

Whether you have a laminated list of resolutions or plan to simply keep going, happy new year! Emily and I will spend it exactly where we did in 2017, the Media Office. But perhaps with the Mac cameras taped over…