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LGBT+ Trans place officer resigns

Lee Brown, UEA SU’s LGBT+ (Trans and Non-Binary Place) Officer, announced he has stepped down from the role. In a tweet dated February 21st Brown said: “Resigned from being LGBT+ officer.”

He added: “I am so grateful for the work this role has allowed me to be a part of, and the friendships I’ve forged along the way.”

Commenting on Lee’s resignation, SU LGBT+ (Open Place) Officer Sharmin Hoque said: “Lee has been an amazing friend to work with and I’m glad he was alongside me this year. He has worked incredibly hard to support all trans students across campus.”

SU Campaigns and Democracy Officer Amy Rust commented on the issue of support for part-time SU officers, saying: “While Lee has made it clear that his resignation isn’t about a lack of support from the SU, we are conscious that SU roles can be a big responsibility – especially for liberation officers who have huge contact with their specific minority.”

She continued: “We’ll be boosting support for students taking up any role in clubs, societies or the SU.”

Jessica Frank-Keyes

Fire extinguisher stolen from Paston 

According to students living in Paston House, two fire extinguishers were stolen from separate flats in the same week.

Zoe Ganday first posted on the ‘LCR ticket exchange’ appealing for the extinguisher’s return after it dissapearing following an LCR.

The university’s Terms and Conditions for living in campus accommodation outline that “the cause or the cost of replacing items or areas damaged in communal areas” is the responsibility of students unless residents of a flat “can reasonably demonstrate that he or she was not responsible for the damage.”

After investigating the first incident in Paston House, the accommodation office told the affected group that no resident living in their flat would be fined for the missing extinguisher.

Emily Hawkins

Unio to go coming to Library 

The SU have announced that they will be introducing a “Unio to Go” service on the bottom floor of the library.

The service will also be available overnight for students studying late, according to the SU.

SU Campaigns and Democracy Officer Amy Rust said this plan is a response to to students being “sick” of Unio queues and a “lack of hot drink options” in the library.

She said: “We’ve been working with Estates and our chums in the Library to fix these issues.

“We’re putting in Coffee to the Grab n Go and new queue busting vending options into Unio.”

There will also be a “dedicated Union hot drinks and snacks vending option in the Library itself to ensure that students can get their fix when they need it”, she said.

Emily Hawkins

Academics disagree with the TEF

The Times Higher Education (THE) survey has found a majority of academics disagree with the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and National Student Survey (NSS).

Around 1,1,50 higher education staff, mostly academics, were asked their opinions on university teaching.

Only 7 percent of academics said they felt that the NSS accurately represents teaching quality. The primary reason for this sentiment was a belief that students can respond negatively to academic challenge.

Speaking to THE, one anonymous lecturer said: “Because we have to challenge the students – we are training them to be social work professionals – the NSS results can be inaccurate.”

68 percent said that students would be “better off” without the NSS, as it is presented currently.

Dissatisfaction with the TEF was also prominent in the survey. Three quarters of academics said that they felt the proposed framework would not correctly assess teaching standards.

Emily Hawkins

University to group classrooms close together

UEA have agreed to ensure students’ timetables do not leave them rushing from one end of campus to another between back to back lectures.

From autumn 2017 timetables will be devised so as to avoid lectures.

In November the “Quality Conversations Flash Report” highlighted that students felt dissatisfied with timetables that left them with little time to get to class.

One student described having a lecture at the Edith Cavell Building and “then having to run back to campus for the next lesson.”

Another described dissatisfaction with having classes “dotted around campus.”

Emily Hawkins


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