Breaking News, Main Stories, News / 23/10/2021 Man Charged with Murder Of Conservative MP David Amess

Ali Harbi Ali, 25, has been charged with the murder of Conservative MP David Amess that took place last week at a church in Leigh-on-Sea. Sir David was holding a constituency surgery at Belfairs Methodist Church in Eastwood Road North, at the time – an event where voters can meet their local MP and discuss...

Breaking News, Main Stories, News / 20/10/2021 Channel 4 unable to provide subtitles until mid-November

A new statement by Channel 4 has confirmed that their subtitling system is not likely to be fixed before November. The press release, published on 19 October, comes after two weeks of complaints from Hard of Hearing and Deaf viewers, who have been unable to watch any content due to lack of access services. The...

Breaking News, Main Stories, News / 15/10/2021 MP killed after stabbing at constituency surgery

In the last few minutes, it has been announced that Conservative MP for Leigh on Sea, David Amess, has died after being stabbed at a constituency surgery session this afternoon. A statement from Essex Police states that they were called to the surgery in Leigh-on-Sea Methodist Church at around 12:05pm today, where they found an...

Breaking News, Main Stories, News / 13/10/2021 Train derails and crashes at North London station

An eight-carriage train derailed when approaching Enfield Town station during rush hour at around 8:15am yesterday. The Overground train continued moving upright at an angle after hitting the buffers and jutted over the end of the tracks, losing its momentum, and stopping just short of smashing into the station window and swerving onto the platform. Emergency services...

Breaking News, Main Stories, News / 12/10/2021 Inquiry into UK Covid response releases first report

Information from two committee inquiries regarding the government’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, has been released today. In it, the UK government were heavily criticized for being too slow in their response to the Coronavirus outbreak early last year. Whilst the report highlights some of the positive steps taken within England during the pandemic, such...

Breaking News, Main Stories, News / 11/10/2021 Activities & Opportunities Officer and UEA(su) issue Sportsnight statement

UEA(SU) and Activities and Opportunities Officer, Lizzie Payne, have released a joint statement following the incidents which took place at Sportsnight last week (6th October) and the subsequent reforms to the club night.  In the statement, the SU apologised for the disorganisation, citing unexpected attendance numbers and security concerns as the reason for the cancellation...


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