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Norwich, UK
Friday, July 10, 2020

Justice for UC Davis students

The University of California has had to pay out an estimated $1m after a group of peaceful protesters were sprayed at close range with pepper spray.

Student caught in phishing scam

A UEA student fell foul of a phishing scam sent to his Webmail account, and now faces financial difficulties after his bank froze his account.

First years to receive Higher Education Achievement Report

Students will now receive a Higher Education Achievement Report, which contains full details about their record at university

Changes to First bus services

First have announced more changes to their bus service around Norwich, causing confusion among UEA students

English Defence League to march on Norwich

The English Defense League (EDL) has planned a demonstration in Norwich on Saturday 10 November.

Norwich MP defends vote over tuition fees

Simon Wright is at it again, as he voted against a proposal to lower the tuition fee cap to £6,000