Nifty places to know about in Norwich

While this may not seem the most exciting article in this Freshers’ Guide to UEA, it will hopefully be the most useful for you in your first few weeks of uni life. Here, you’ll find all the places that are handy to know about when you first arrive in Norwich.

The first of these would be the local supermarkets: after all, food and booze will probably be a high priority when you arrive in halls! The closest to campus is Tesco which is around a twenty-minute walk from campus. To get there, you walk off campus past the Sportspark, turn right and then follow this road down to the roundabout. It’s on the end at the left. It’s a Tesco Express attached to a petrol station so there isn’t the widest choice of produce available. For more choice, Morrisons is only a bus ride away. Both the 25 and the 25A go from campus to straight outside the supermarket if you get a ticket to Riverside. It’s a good idea if you’re planning on doing this to take backpacks with you for carrying your shopping back. The Shop on campus is good for essentials but might not have everything you’re looking for considering its size. Asda also delivers to campus which is a good idea if you and your flatmates place an order together.

Another vital place to know is the train station. This one’s simple: you just have to jump on the 25 or 25A and then ask for a ticket to the train station. If you’re 19 or under, you can get a young person’s ticket.

The bus station is equally as easy to find. Get a ticket to St Stephens Street and get off in front of Chapelfield (this is just after the big roundabout), cross the road and follow it around past Iceland until you reach the signs for the bus station.

Boots on campus is great for getting your prescriptions but isn’t open at the weekends. The big Boots in Chapelfield is open at the weekends and is the place to go when you need emergency contraception or medication.

In case you need to see a GP in an emergency, there is a walk-in centre on the top floor of Castle Mall that is open for Nurse Appointments from 07:00 – 21:00 and GP appointments from 08:00 – 20:00 for 365 days of the year. To get to Chapelfield, get the same bus route as mentioned earlier to get to the bus station. To get to Castle Mall, simply get the 25 or 25A to Castle Meadow. You have to walk back along the road to the castle and cross the road to get to the shopping centre.

Hopefully, this guide will have helped you find all the essential but slightly less exciting places in Norwich. After all, the madness of Freshers’ Week will only last for so long before you have to begin to be a responsible adult!


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