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Nine hundred twenty five thousand six hundred Starbucks (almost)

This issue we’ve taken a look at UEA’s finances, revealing just how many Starbucks make up the thousands of pounds of staff expenses.

While I am a Costa woman myself (you should try the orange hot chocolate, it’s a dream) I understand the need to feed staff and impress guests. What perplexes me is the limo rides – explained by News Editor Shannon McDonagh.

In all seriousness, while the expense reports revealed a fondness for eating at Wasabi, it was heartening to see that generally our senior management spend responsibly. As they should.

My pick for this issue is Online Editor Beth Bacon’s article ‘Iceland Christmas advert: too political or too pertinent?.’ She weighs up whether it’s simply saying what many are not ready to hear or a marketing ploy to get us engaged with superficial activism. It’s been reported that Iceland’s sales have spiked; I’m hardly surprised.

I would also encourage everyone to read Co-Features Editor Mia Shah’s ‘I am not alone but feel lonely.’ I have always associated loneliness with the older generation: Christmas adverts that remind us to reach out to our elderly relations to prevent them feeling isolated. While that’s something I am incredibly for, I feel like we missed a trick in assuming young people don’t feel lonely too.

As a third year, I have noticed that now is one of the worst times to attempt to make a friend. Everyone seems disinterested in expanding their already established circles. And with deadlines, jobs applications and family commitments, there’s little time to make a new pal anyway. I am guilty of this but after Mia’s article I am going to try to be better. If you’re ever feeling left out come join Concrete, we are quite a nice bunch.

I am very happy to say that our Eco Issue was an amazing success and I’d like to thank everyone for their likes and shares. If you’re yet to check it out head over to ISSUU online where all our issues are uploaded. Saving the planet has never looked so good. But now we are back in print for your entertainment, and, let’s face it, very much my own too. Hope the break wasn’t too hard on you.

Make sure to check our Facebook pages, Concrete, UEA’s official student newspaper and Concrete members 2018/19 to find our details about our Media ball. The tickets have just been released on the SU website. I went last year and despite spending an embarrassing £21 on a bottle of wine, yes, £21 for just one bottle, the night was entirely worth it. I’d love to see as many of our writers and readers there, so please do come along!

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