Creative Writing

No need for sleep

Belly full with laughter,
guts plump with giggles,
I crumble under your tickles.
Face a rash of Cheshire cat,
the only pain I feel
Is the ache of burning cheeks
and the foggy wonder if this could be real.
Cause even in the dark our faces beam,
we refuse to sleep because we live the dream.
It feels like we are falling through clouds,
leaping over picketed fences,
staring through glazed church windows….
Happiness is so simple
and it hugs your head deliciously,
squeezing you tight.
And when you are let go,
you keep tumbling,
you are left dizzy, giddy,
trying to take it in
– overwhelmed –
Where to begin?
I’m burning up, this is a fever!
My skin is shining, reflecting, I’m golden!
I’m a hot ball of fire in the sky, a medieval lamp, the Olympic torch!
Is this what glowing feels like?


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