Norwich City Council, in partnership with ENGIE Power Ltd, have launched a new energy and gas provider, Roar Power.
This service is not only environmentally ethical, but also socially beneficial for residents in Norwich and the East of England. The council has said gas and electricity will come from entirely renewable sources such as wind and solar power.
The eco-friendly energy source is an excellent alternative to wasting natural resources, and coincides with community plans to shift to clean energy by 2040.
In a wide-ranging interview published in this issue, the city’s Chief Executive Laura McGillivray told Concrete: “This is something students can do.”
She added: “I would urge them to do [it].”
Norwich City Council is launching the energy provider as a way of producing cheaper bills for those who sign up.
There is a range of different tariffs customers can choose from to find the right price for them and there is also the option to pay a social tariff which enables the more fortunate to spend a little more for a good cause.
The extra payments are in aid of an effort to help reduce fuel poverty.
Norwich City Council cabinet members, such as Councillor Kevin Maguire, support the scheme, stating: “Climate change is a global issue and one that we all have a responsibility in addressing.”
Kevin Dibble is ENGIE’s UK chief.
He claims Roar Power has a simple aim of offering renewable energy for local people, with the incredible benefit of helping the community simultaneously.