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Norwich Eco Hub: Make Greener Choices Workshop

Norwich Eco Hub is a recently founded community interest company, deeply concerned with the environmental crisis looming over all our heads. With sustainability and eco-conscious living at its heart, the Eco Hub is seeking to create a dedicated space for the people of Norwich to come together and attempt to tackle climate change.   

Although they are yet to find suitable premises to create this space (which will be accompanied by an affordable, plant-based café and co-working space) they are currently running various workshops and seminars across the city aiming to educate and facilitate discussions around sustainable living. Their recent event, ‘Making Greener Choices’ took the form of an intimate gathering of like-minded individuals in the corner of a local pub on a Tuesday evening. The talk was led by Lee Rose, founder of Norfolk Solar, a highly regarded renewable energy company recognised by both the Renewable Energy Agency and Norwich Eco Awards.  

He started by passing around a rather large and heavy battery he had adapted for use in his electric bike, taking an already environmentally friendly transport method to the next level. He then launched into a presentation detailing his journey to sustainable living, touching on topics such as following a vegan diet for almost 20 years, always opting for the less impactful travel methods, and trying to limit consumerism as much as possible. The presentation mainly focused on ways in which he has renovated his home-energy system, making it as solely relying on renewable sources as possible.  

Although a lot of the advice and tips given by Lee were out of the realm of accessibility for a vast majority of the student population, it was still a thought-provoking and interesting discussion. This brought up the crucial point, of sustainable living is often out of reach for people with less disposable income or without the time or ability to make modifications to their homes.  

It will certainly be interesting to watch Norwich Eco Hub as it begins to establish itself as a valued space within the community. Paying their events a visit will hopefully inspire many to make more eco-friendly choices within their lives. However, it is important to keep in mind the individual can only do so much to tackle climate change, especially when confronted by systemic barriers. When governments and large corporations implement sufficiently ambitious policies to reduce their impact on our beloved planet, only then will we begin to see a large-scale difference. 

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