Norwich Fashion Week: Skin II, Street Style Exhibition

From the 2nd -6th March, photography students from City College Norwich showcased their street style photography in the Forum. What resulted was a fun, if not slightly cliché, example of the fashion in Norwich. From indie goths to Topshop clad clones to stylish middle aged women, Norwich has plenty to show.

Splashes of colour were a plenty, from one man’s neon green headphones, to red scarves adorning glamorous ladies, even the cute goth couple sported a pastel pink Hello Kitty bag, proving anyone of any style can do colour. A daring mustard coat teamed with a bright blue scarf showed even clashing colours looks great if you’re brave enough!

However, the boys shot outside Topman, wearing the matching Topman hoodies were a little unoriginal. There’s nothing wrong with high street hoodies, but when shooting street style it’s the eclecticism that we really want to see.

One of the most stand out looks for me was a girl sporting what can only be described as her granddad’s coat, styled with a cute gingham scarf and geek chic glasses, she looked effortless and cool. Another brilliant look was a full on vintage floral dress complete with matching flower in hair, cute, daring and fun – what more could you want from street style?

A real surprise was the two fabulously glamorous middle ages ladies, coincidently both wearing red scarves over their mostly black, but completely beautiful outfits. One added a tartan handbag to spice her outfit up even further – fashion can be fun at any age and these ladies proved this to be just the case.

Overall the exhibition was a fantastic look at Norwich’s fashion scene, one that should not be underestimated. As a city we clearly love a bit of Topshop and New Look but with The Lanes so close to hand a great vintage find is never far away.



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