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Norwich Film Festival 2020

I come from a city that does not value the arts. When I moved to Norwich three years ago it felt like walking into a whole new world. Norwich is a place where art is valued and nowhere is this more evident than at the Norwich Film Festival. 

Now, don’t be fooled the Norwich Film Festival isn’t a teeny, tiny festival with only a few films on show. NFF is a massive operation. Filmmakers from all over the world submit their shorts and big names such as Dexter Fletcher and Olivia Coleman can be found on the festival’s judging panel! Norwich film festival is not something to be overlooked!

Naturally, this year’s festival had to re-work it’s format as a result of the pandemic but Ewan Tough, the festival’s marketing director, believes that whilst this year he misses the “usual buzz of the physical festival” the online platform allows the festival to reach not only “local audiences but attendees from much further afield.” 

Whilst without a doubt, a physical festival would have been a joy to attend this year, the online platform NFF has created is truly a triumph. Neatly organised into different themed sections as well as daily recommendations, every day I log on I am astounded by not only the work of the film makers but the festival themselves.

The films featured in the festival are a showcase of immense creativity. From Avant garde animation to breath-taking documentaries, this year’s NFF truly has something for everyone. One film in particular that has stayed with me long after watching is the animated short, Something Borrowed. The film’s tender utilization of animation is both tragic and somehow beautiful in its depiction of how it is to live with the disease. A definite tearjerker if you are as soppy as me, Something Borrowed is perhaps my favourite of the festival.

Overall this year’s Norwich film festival has been fantastic, and it has truly been a pleasure to watch so many of the amazing films showing this year. If missed the opportunity to attend this year, the festival runs annually so make sure to enjoy it next year and if you can make it to this year’s festival, in the words of the founder Kellen Playford, “grab some popcorn, relax on the sofa, and join us for the digital edition of NFF2020.”


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Niamh Brook

January 2021
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