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Among the extensive variety of large high street retailers, Norwich presents a teaming expanse of vintage and independent menswear outlets. Within today’s materialistic society and ‘throw away’ culture, with roughly 300,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill every year in the UK, vintage clothing helps the struggling environment by offering itself as a sustainable, ethical, affordable and fashionable alternative. Throughout my hunt for menswear in the cobbled streets of Norwich, I have come across popular outlets that I, and many others, highly regard and will be returning to time and time again. These include the following great finds:

Taxi Vintage
In rows D and E of Norwich Market, Taxi Vintage transports a customer into an excitingly vast world of vintage. With pieces ranging from the 1940s to the 1990s, Taxi Vintage offers items that each hold their own individual histories. Shop owner Mark Wright speaks often of his passion for vintage, and his enjoyment in finding a piece and researching its past life before it finds itself on the Taxi Vintage racks. Taxi Vintage’s affordable and fashionable items are extremely popular, with the bright flash of the shop’s recognisable yellow carrier bags visible in the hands of many, acting as a driving force for Norwich’s growing vintage trade.

Philip Browne and Working Title
For those with a bit of extra cash to splash, both Philip Browne, found on Guildhall Hill, and Working Title, found on Bridewell Alley, offer a higher-end menswear experience. Although neither shop are based around vintage clothing, Philip Browne contains well known staple brands such as Levis, Barbour and Fred Perry – to list a few – with Working Title presenting a selection of, perhaps lesser known, but equally well crafted brands including Edmmond Studios and Kardo. Both retailers provide an amazing display of staple pieces in all categories of clothing that are sure to become go-to pieces in any man’s wardrobe, tastefully designed and created to last a lifetime.

Retreat Vintage
Neatly nestled on Norwich’s Magdalen Street lies this vintage clothing treasure trove, where you can retreat inside to find an overwhelming selection of garments. From the shop’s wide line-up of coats and jackets, to its bursting rail of band t-shirts, this vintage emporium has an endless amount! With great prices and even greater pieces from all eras, Retreat Vintage is a must visit on any vintage lovers Norwich clothing hunt.


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