Norwich and Nottingham to host global literature event

Norwich and Nottingham, two of only four cities in the UK to have been awarded the prestigious status of being UNESCO Cities of Literature, are joining up to host the Global Cities of Literature gathering in 2019.

After a successful bid to host the event, the collaborative forum, otherwise dubbed ‘Nottwich’, will provide the chance for cultural leaders from 28 different countries to gather together and celebrate the cultural achievements of modern cities around the world.

This will be the first time the event has ever been held in England and it is hoped that it will provide the opportunity for the city to show off its thriving literary scene and encourage multidisciplinary and boundary crossing collaboration between writers and practitioners of a multitude of nationalities.

The forum will aim to facilitate the creative exchanges of representatives from cities of design, film, media arts and music, in the hope of promoting creative diversity.

More broadly, the event is intended to raise awareness of the UNESCO network and its cultural and economic impact across the globe.

Having been awarded its status as a City of Literature back in 2012 in recognition of the quality of publishing in the city, the prevalence of literature, drama and poetry in Norwich and the numerous festivals held to promote the arts in the city, this event will put Norwich in the spotlight for its cultural achievements within the larger network of UNESCO cities worldwide.

Since becoming a City of Literature, Norwich has started running its own UNESCO Young Ambassador programme to encourage young people to share their passion for reading and writing.

The global gathering is expected to be held in May 2019, with the programme for the event set to be announced later this year.


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