Norwich pays tribute to victims of Paris attacks

On Monday 12th January, Norwich residents and students came together to pay tribute to the victims of last week’s terror attacks in Paris.

The peaceful gathering, which was attended by over 200 people, was organised by UEA’s Clémentine Pellegrino. Clementine and others gave heartfelt speeches alongside raising the importance of freedom of speech.


Last week 17 people, including two police officers were killed at the offices of Charlie Hedbo, a satirical magaizine based in Paris. A few days later, four people were also killed at a Jewish supermarket in the east of the city.

The gathering took place outside The Forum in the city centre with light candles spelling ‘Charlie’ across the curve. Posters and stickers were handed out before photos of the crowd standing in solidarity with pens in the air were taken.


The event ended with people sharing their stories of loved ones and the terror that has caused so much pain across the world.

Photography: Billie-May Jones


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