Norwich Police Commissioner Candidate Shares Xenophobic Views

Would-be Norwich Chief of police, David Moreland, has made xenophobic comments causing him to be branded “completely unsuitable” for the role.

The independent candidate running for of Police and Crime Commissioner has recently stated, when asked what action he would like to see against female victimisation after the Sarah Everard murder, that “The vast majority of these sexual attacks on women across the country are carried out by migrants, many of them are illegal – African or ethnic minority people.”

Mr Moreland stated that this is “absolute fact” by which he substantiated his claims by saying “you just have to go onto social media”.

This claim is not only completely unsubstantiated but also false. 2017 Data from the Ministry of Justice shows the majority of sexual offenders were in fact white. The figures showed 6,872 defendants were White, the next largest category was ‘not stated’ at 2,405, followed by 842 and 835 Black and Asian individuals respectively.

Furthermore in an earlier comment regarding men wolf whistling at women, Mr Morland said that he believes the women should say “thanks” in such a situation.

The claims made by Mr Morland have been vilified by Broadland District Councillor Natasha Harpley who stated that “No one wanting that position should be holding those views, it makes him completely unsuitable.” Ms Harpley’s sentiment has been echoed by multiple other candidates for the role. Labour’s Michael Rosen said that Mr Morland’s “appalling views make him unfit for the role of PCC” and asked: “How effective would our police be with a PCC who relies on social media and chats with his old mates to decide his policies?”

Despite the backlash, Mr Morland has said that he will not be withdrawing his candidacy. 

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