Norwich Science Festival 2018: following the steps of Star Trek

There is a never-ending race between science and science fiction.

Whilst science fiction writers manage to come up with surprising ideas, scientists and new technologies never fail to catch up. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that many times sci-fi has correctly predicted the shape our societies can take in the future

Dr Roberto Trotta (a theoretical cosmologist) used principal concepts of the Star Trek to give to his spectators a well-rounded view of where science stands today.

He welcomed his audience in the Klingon language and fully engaged with everyone throughout the talk with his jokes. It’s important to point out that when you enter the auditorium knowing that you’re about to listen to the talk ‘Physics of Star Trek’ and you see children, you would assume that they are just accompanying their parents. However, when the speaker is Dr Trotta, it doesn’t take much time until you see these kids raising their hands or even shouting out suggestions to problems that puzzle physicists.

“What about a spacecraft using the speed of light?” was shouted when the talk was about how far Kepler planets are from us.

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