Norwich Science Festival 2018: Technology Day

Wednesday the 24th was technology day at the Norwich science festival and was sponsored by Vattenfall. It focused on new branches of technology being developed right now, such as: robotics, virtual reality and renewable energy. The atmosphere was that of a curious nature, everyone was learning about the latest developments in technology.

A Stand run by Vattenfall (which also had a virtual reality headset), featured a presentation promoting wind turbines and renewable energy. They explained their plans to build two wind farms in the sea off the Norfolk coast, named Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas. When finished, it would apparently produce enough energy to fulfil 10% of the UK’s domestic electricity needs.

There was an opportunity to try out a virtual reality headset, a state-of-the-art technology which renders a 3-dimensional environment for the wearer to interact with using a handheld device. People of all ages wore the headset with wonder and amazement, as they explored the realms of virtual reality.

One stall had a claw crane-esque activity, where children could control a small robotic arm, and use it to pick up sweets out of a bowl. It was controlled by a small remote with various levers to manipulate the arm with. It was an exciting way to engage and educate younger children in robotics. Children were also taught about engineering in vehicles. They were given the opportunity to change the wheel on a go-kart, teaching them practical skills as well as giving them a greater understanding of the mechanics of vehicles.

This great day gave a huge insight into the new developments of technology and was tremendous fun all-round.

Ivo Reynolds-Moore

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