Norwich theatre overview

If you’re seeking inspiration for how to entertain yourself in Norwich, look no further than the theatres. Regardless of your budget, timetable and taste I guarantee you can find something that will leave you raucously applauding the performers that share their story with you.

Art in Norwich

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On finding out I was going to UEA, my only feeling of reservation was towards Norwich’s location. Friends had me convinced I was setting sail to an isolated city made exclusively of cobblestones, John Lewis shops and old people. First year of uni was one of the most hectic, exciting and eye-opening of my life, and the city’s arts scene was key to this. I did not struggle to feed my passion for theatre with the mix of things on offer in this welcoming and quirky little city.

The biggest theatre is Norwich Theatre Royal, seating 1300 in its lavish performance space. Showcasing touring companies from across the UK, its repertoire varies from musicals to National Theatre productions and some great Ballet.

There is always something at the Norwich Playhouse and The Playhouse Bar which will make your existence a little more enchanted with its exotic drinks and decorative fish tank. Jazz, comedy and stand-up amongst many other theatrical treats is showcased on their intimate stage. Alternatively, you can leave the river side and trot over to Maddermarket Theatre in the lanes of the city. The Elizabethan styled stage creates a magnificently nostalgic atmosphere: a warm and welcoming place to spend a dark and rainy autumn evening.

Up the road from the Theatre Royal is The Garage: a modern space which facilitates education in the performing arts and also showcases a great deal of talent from youth theatres and independent local theatre companies.

Otherwise, if you are prepared to jump across the river to the Sewell Barn Theatre on the north side of the city you’ll be rewarded with an array of straight plays that will move, entertain and challenge you: maybe each in turn or all at once if you’re lucky. Or if moving isn’t your thing, never fear. Minotaur Theatre Company and Drama Society will be busy all term with entirely student run productions which will not fail to prove to you that students at UEA know their stuff.


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