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If you’re thinking this guide is going to tell you about Norwich’s history, population size or nature reserves, stop reading here – go to tourist information, grab a coffee, then come back to this page. This is for the fresher and returning student- the student who is fairly familiar with Norwich, and the student who came here on a whim. The student who does not realise just how much there is to know about this ‘fine city’ quite yet.

There is nothing like discovering a new place, and throughout your first year in particular, you will have all sorts of adventures exploring your new home. But there are a few things you won’t find at tourist information, or be told on an open-bus tour, that we think are worth knowing.

Written by students, for students, we’ve asked ex-freshers to share with us their top tips for getting the most out of Norwich. From quirky bars to taxi etiquette, they’ve got you covered.

“The Waffle House is my favourite place to eat in the city. It’s a hidden gem tucked out of the way of the busy centre, and if you’re craving waffles, it’s obviously going to be your first port-of-call.” – Ben Bone, 3rd year, Microbiology.

Becky and Pavi, 3rd year medicine students, both agree with Ben, adding, “It’s been said that they’re better than Belgian waffles. There are only three of these Waffle Houses in the world and they chose to put one in Norwich”.

“Look out for apps such as Student Beans/Unidays, as they provide us students with exclusive deals and discounts on anything from health and beauty and shopping, to restaurants and nightlife, all over the city! Not every store advertises a discount so it’s an easy way to save money without even trying!” – Lauren Wickings, 2nd year, Society, Culture and Media.

“If you’re interested in comedy, The Birdcage and Gonzo’s Tearoom are the places to be. Small, intimate bars with a funky atmosphere which host comedy nights as well as live music. Located centrally, they are two great places to chill out, have a cocktail and enjoy something a bit different. Well suited to the cosy, inviting environment of Norwich.” – Eliott Simpson, 2nd year, Film and Television.

“Taxi drivers are your friends. Behave politely, engage them in good conversation and do not throw up inside their vehicle under any circumstances. This way, you’ll have a pleasant and safe journey home and may be rewarded with a 10% off card.” – Olivia Minnock, 2nd year, Literature and History.

“Always pre-book LCR tickets to avoid being left out in the cold! But if all else fails, Prince of Wales Road is great for finding somewhere to go last minute, whether it’s clubbing or kebabs.” – Zee Waraich, 2nd year, Media Studies.

“I have a year’s bus ticket, which means I can get on nearly any bus in Norwich at any time – very handy for nights out. I’ve even caught the bus from Great Yarmouth, where I have placement, to take me back to Norwich without spending any more money. Great value!” – Jay Aldous, 3rd year.

“Don’t wear heels to the LCR… or ever.”–Yasmine Barrell, 2nd year, Media Studies.

“The Yarmouth Road is great in the summer as it has plenty of good pubs with beer gardens to relax in.” – Tom Etheridge, 3rd year, Chemistry.

“Norwich market place is ideal to explore if you’re interested in vintage fashion, as are Norwich’s many charity shops. Have a look around and see what you can find. Getting lost between stalls is a great way to bond with new flatmates as well as finding a cheap hot drink or snack on a cold day!” –Abi Constable, 2nd year, Media and Politics.

Whether you’re an excited fresher or a seasoned UEA student, we hope these tips have given you some ideas on where to start exploring Norwich and how to do it in the best possible way. First years: don’t give in to the temptation to stay on campus all day, every day. Your three or more years in Norwich will fly by, trust us, so take this article, fold it into your pocket, and explore all the places we’ve listed using the advice you’ve been kindly offered. Good luck.


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