Norwich’s best street food

Some of Norwich’s finest food isn’t served to you in expensive restaurants by finely-dressed waiters.

Increasingly, street-food-style vendors have been popping up around the centre, elevating lunch from a dry supermarket meal-deal to an exciting event of fun foods.

White Lion Street near the castle houses Nanna Mexico, a canteen-style Mexican food vendor in which you design your own meal by choosing a main item, like quesadilla or nachos, and a topping, like roasted veg or various meats.

The highlight is the ‘big-ass burrito’ which is, rather fittingly, a huge burrito, but every meal is large and fulfilling.

The food is rather spicy which may deter some, but each meal is accompanied too by a glorious abundance of cheese. Nanna Mexico also serves a variety of traditional Mexican drinks, both alcoholic and not, including many brightly coloured and tasty looking soft drinks to try.

Falafels are a classic street food, and Moorish Falafel Bar in the lanes serves just that.

The menu is rather limited but you wouldn’t go to a falafel place if you didn’t want falafels, and each meal is falafull of tasty Mediterranean goodness.

The staff are friendly and prepare the food in front of your eyes, and the seating area is cosy and communal. Of course, an enjoyment of the food here banks on your appreciation for falafels and salad, but if you like the classic street food you’ll love the Moorish Falafel Bar.

One of the mainstays of central Norwich is The Waffle House, a café which takes the traditional street food and augments it into proper meals and snacks.

The menu consists of various foods, some worldly and some classics, all on top of large Belgian waffles.

With a huge range of options, from garlic cheesy mushrooms to salads to curries, The Waffle House has something for everyone.

Of course for the sweet toothed there is also a wide range of dessert waffles, with every imaginable combination of fruit, chocolate and sugar.

For someone who loves their carbs more than whatever they put on them, this is a great place for lunch.

Norwich has many amazing places for food, and not all of them are traditional restaurants. Maybe when around the city, pop into one of these places to try some tasty and cheap food.

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