Norwich’s most haunted

With its rich history linked to the royal throne and Kett’s rebellion, Norwich is known to be one of the most haunted regions in the UK. 

In 2016, about 49% of Norwich’s population stated to have experienced paranormal activity, allowing it to clinch first place in the UKs ‘Most Haunted Cities’ List.

1) The Maid’s Head Hotel, 20 Tombland

Located in Tombland is the Maid’s Head Hotel, the oldest continuously operating hotel in the UK. 

Dating back to the 13th century, the hotel houses The Grey Maid, an elderly phantom in an outdated grey uniform who moves through the hotel’s halls. 

Where she walks, an overwhelming smell of musty lavender remains.

Prince Edward’s phantom is also reported to be a frequent guest in the hotel.

2) Elm Hill

Elm Hill, famously featured in Stardust, is the centre of reports around unexplainable stomping footsteps and supernatural activity attributed to Father Ignatius, an angry and fanatical priest who cursed those who opposed and refused to pray with him.

He was eventually driven out by an angry mob, but his furious ghost returns to curse passers-by.

3) 19 Magdalen Street

Built over 300 years ago, 19 Magdalen Street has passed through the hands of many owners. 

Due to the presence of a disturbing ghost named Sara, owners have experienced strange activities. 

One tenant claimed to find all the mirrors in her shop turned away one morning, only to be told that an exorcism could have taken place in the house in 1980. 

The shop’s staff have even held a seance to remove the ghost, without avail.

Here is a recap of events which took place in Norwich during Halloween.


1) Demonstrations of Palm Reading and Mediumship – The Merchant’s House, 7-9 Fye Bridge Street

Suki Pryce joined Norwich for a night of reveal – from your life’s true direction to your true potential. The next day offered an evening of mediumship demonstration by an international psychic medium, Alexandra Oakes.

2) The Haunted House – Bar and Beyond, Norwich

Maybe you dropped by Bar and Beyond between 22:00 to 03:00 for Norwich’s biggest Halloween party of the year! 

Organizers promised a fully decorated venue, free face-paint and fake blood, cheap drinks all night, as well as Norwich’s biggest and best DJs.

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