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A note from the deputy editor

By the time you’re reading this Easter will be over, and we’ll be back to sunny days sat drinking in the Square. At the moment it’s rather overcast and foggy, and whilst Norwich is rather pretty when you can’t see much of it, it’s still enough to cast a downer on the holiday.

That means you’re going to need something to cheer you up, and Venue has that covered with a plethora of reviews this week. With three new films in Film, two new albums in Music, two new shows in Television and a lovely exploration of the new Sainsbury Centre exhibition, there surely must be something for you to enjoy in these pages.

Or, if you prefer, we have some exploration of 80s culture in Film and one of our Features pages (p7), and some pieces inspired by American politics in Gaming and TV.

Thanks to everyone who wrote this week, and good luck with your impending doom – sorry – deadlines.


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