Ever wondered how Father Christmas manages such a tight schedule when your ASOS package doesn’t even turn up on time?

In these times of science and reasoning, many people have quickly dismissed the existence of jolly Saint Nick, purely based upon the physical constraints of time and distance. However, a recent article in New Scientist magazine investigates the possibility of Santa and his sleigh using wormholes to navigate the globe at impossible speeds.

A wormhole is described by the magazine as “a tube that goes outside the normal universe altogether – a cosmic short cut, connecting two regions of space like the handle on a briefcase… No more sooty chimneys, and no trouble at all getting stuck inside central heating systems.”

According to the theory of relativity, matter can’t move through space faster than the speed of light. But, and this is the bit that Santa is interested in, there’s no limit on the speed with which space itself can move. So in theory, the sleigh could sit in a bubble of space whilst being moved around the globe at superluminal velocities; thus enabling delivery to over 91 million homes in 31 hours.

So next time you use physics to try and argue that Father Christmas does not exist, remember, he knows more about physics than you ever will.