Number of union officers to protest Royal visit

A number of SU officers plan to protest the Royal visit next Friday. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit the Sainsbury Centre on January 27th, as announced by the university on Monday 16th January.

An union source, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that a number of student officers would be involved in protesting the visit, although it is currently unclear what these actions will entail, or which officers will be involved.

The protests will not take place in the students’ capacity as union officers and as such do not constitute a formal SU policy.

Finn Northrop, UEA SU Non-Portfolio Officer tweeted: “all demos, protests, direct action fully encouraged and supported.” He described the visit as the university’s “Big Marketing DayTM [sic],” and stated a desire to “annoy people who love the Queen.”



UEA SU Campaigns and Democracy Officer Amy Rust stated that: “the SU doesn’t have a policy on the Monarchy, although we are of course aware that there are a range of views about a visit from the Queen from gleeful anticipation through to impassioned republicanism and everything in between.”

She continued: “we believe strongly in free speech at the union, and whilst I will be at the visit welcoming Her Majesty, the SU will happily work with any students wishing to express, promote or protest their views on the visit. Just contact us at the SU.”


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  1. Surely to go out of your way to annoy people for something that they appreciate and enjoy is harassment. If I went out of my way to annoy people who believe in God I don’t think the Union would see that as “free speech”.

  2. Crowns will no doubt be outlawed in the same way sombreros were

  3. They think it’s acceptable to bite security guards so I dread to think how this bunch greet the Queen’s security

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