NUS Conference highlights LGBT issues

The Union of UEA Students sent four delegates including the outgoing and new LGBT Officers.  There were a lot of motions put forward to conference and most passed with clear majorities.

The key motions to be passed were: “Consent is sexy!”, highlighting sexual assaults, abuse and harassment in the LGBT and wider community.  The conference resolved to promote the work of S4SRE (Students for Sex and Relationship Education), an organisation ran by students to educate on all levels.

“Mental health matters.” This motion discussed cuts to mental health services in the NHS, and how this would affect LGBT students who are a high risk mental health group.  From this motion, research will be conducted on how LGBT students access services and the effectiveness of such services.

“I’m not bi-curious, I’m bi-furious.” This motion raised the issue of biphobia, and the lack of resources given to tackling this when compared  to other LGBT phobias.

“Keeping the faith.” This motion moved to develop deeper links with religious groups in order to create dialog and understanding, thus helping LGBT people of faith.

“Body elitism in the LGBT community.” This challenges the media to display the diversity of the LGBT community.

“Gender neutral toilets and sports facilities” aims to continue to drive the national campaign to introduce gender neutral facilities as part of equal opportunities.

“For the active inclusion of asexuals.“ This motion admitted asexuals to the membership of the LGBT campaign.

From this conference, the new LGBT officer started a report into the student experience for LGBT people at UEA.  This will be presented to Union Council along with recommendations, motions and constitutional amendments.


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August 2022
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