NUS to name and shame companies with unpaid interns

A confidential hotline is set to blow the whistle on ‘exploitative’ companies that abuse graduate interns announced NUS President Toni Pearce last week. In the run up to May’s General Election, the National Union of Students (NUS) and Intern Aware are hoping to raise awareness and encourage parties to tackle the issue in their manifestos.

Unpaid internships cost graduates as much as £926 a month. Therefore the cost of working for nothing rules out all but the wealthy. Education think tank, The Sutton Trust, is calling for all interns to be paid minimum wage. With 22,000 interns working for nothing, the costs of forcing companies to pay interns could drastically reduce the number of placements available. This is worrying, as internships have been shown to lead to a better chance of employment.

Recent statistics have also shown that areas that have a high proportion of employers providing placements have “significantly lower levels” of youth unemployment. Therefore, the potential reduction of internships available means the risk of an increase in graduate unemployment.

Dame Fiona Kendrick, Chief Executive of Nestle UK and Ireland, and UKCES commissioner, said: “The areas where employers are least likely to offer any form of experience of the workplace are also where youth unemployment is high, creating a catch 22 situation for young people; they can’t get the experience to get a job and they can’t get a job without the experience.

“Graduates are now being faced with an increasingly tough decision: work for free, or don’t work at all”.


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May 2022
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